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What Is the Contract in Ghost Rider

The demon Mephistopheles sends his bounty hunter of the damned, the Ghost Rider, to obtain the Treaty of San Venganza for the control of a thousand corrupt souls. When the rider sees that the agreement would give Mephistopheles the power to bring hell to earth, he refuses and escapes. In 1986, Mephistopheles turned to 17-year-old Johnny Blaze and offered to cure his father`s cancer in exchange for Johnny`s soul. The next morning, Johnny wakes up to discover the cancer cured, but his father dies from the burns he suffered in a stunt accident. Johnny accuses Mephistopheles of causing his father`s death, but Mephistopheles considers that his part of the contract is fulfilled and promises to see Johnny again. After killing the water angel Rocky, Johnny gives the contract to Blackheart. He transforms into a Ghost Rider to subdue Blackheart, but becomes helpless at sunrise. Blackheart uses the contract to absorb the thousand souls and attempts to kill Johnny, but is distracted when Roxanne uses Johnny`s abandoned shotgun to separate her. Johnny shoots Blackheart with the gun and holds her in the shadows so he can strengthen her with his power. By keeping his own body in the shadows, he transforms again and uses his penitential gaze to make Blackheart catatonic by burning all the corrupt souls within him.

Mephistopheles appears and explains that the contract has been concluded and proposes to resume the curse of the ghost rider. Determined not to make another deal, Johnny refuses and declares that he will use his power against the demon and against any damage done to the innocent. Furious, Mephistopheles vows to make Johnny pay and disappears with Blackheart`s body. Roxanne tells Johnny that he has his second chance and kisses him. Johnny goes away on his motorcycle and prepares for his new life as a Ghost Rider. When motorcyclist Johnny Blaze sells his soul to the devil to save his father`s life, he transforms into Ghost Rider, the devil`s bounty hunter, and is sent to hunt down sinners. Johnny goes in search of Roxanne, who reports last night`s events to the news. At home, Johnny tries to control his firepower. Roxanne comes to visit him before leaving town, and Johnny turns out to be the devil`s bounty hunter. Unconvinced, she leaves incredulous. After a short detention for murders committed by Blackheart, Johnny kills the air angel Abigor and flees the police.

He returns to the caretaker, who tells him about his predecessor Carter Slade, a Texas Ranger who hid the Treaty of San Venganza. At home, Johnny discovers that Blackheart killed his friend Mack and captured Roxanne to kill her if Johnny doesn`t fulfill the contract. Johnny tries to use Blackheart`s penitential vision, but this proves ineffective because Blackheart has no soul. Blackheart orders Johnny to collect the contract and bring it to him in San Venganza. Johnny returns to the caretaker and demands the contract to save Roxanne. The guardian reveals that he is hidden in a shovel and tells Johnny that he is more powerful than his predecessors because he sold his soul out of love, not greed, before giving the contract. The guardian then transforms with Blaze and reveals that the guardian was actually Carter Slade. Slade then drives Johnny to San Venganza and gives him a lever gun before he says goodbye and fades away.

Mephistopheles` son, Blackheart, comes to earth and enlists the help of the hidden (three fallen angels connected to the elements of air, earth and water) to find the lost treaty of San Venganza. In 2007, Johnny became a famous motorcycling stuntman. He meets his former lover Roxanne Simpson, now a journalist, whom he leaves after the death of his father. He persuades her to join a dinner party. Mephistopheles makes Johnny the new Ghost Rider and offers to give up his soul if he beats Blackheart. Johnny transforms into a ghost rider, whose flesh burns his skeleton, and kills the earth angel Gressil. He then uses the penitential star, a force that causes mortals to feel all the pain they have inflicted on others by burning their souls on a racket. The next day, he meets a man named Caretaker who knows the story of the Ghost Rider.

He assures Johnny that what happened was real and will happen again, especially at night when he is near an evil soul. When motorcyclist Johnny Blaze discovers that his father Barton Blaze has terminal cancer, he accepts a pact with Mephistopheles and gives his soul for the health of his beloved father. But the devil cheats on him, and Barton dies in a motorcycle accident at an exhibition. Johnny leaves the carnival, his city, his friends and his girlfriend Roxanne. Many years later, Johnny Blaze becomes a famous motorcyclist who risks his life on his shows, and he meets Roxanne again, who is now a television journalist. However, Mephistopheles offers Johnny to release his contract when he becomes the “ghost rider” and defeats his evil son Blackheart, who wants to possess a thousand evil souls and transform hell on earth. The film was nominated for a Razzie Award for Nicolas Cage as the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actor. However, the film was also nominated for Best Horror Film at the Saturn Awards. A sequel titled Spirit of Vengeance began filming in November 2010 and was released on February 17, 2012. Cage repeated his role as Johnny Blaze and also played Johnny Blaze in his ghost rider form.

Crank filmmakers Neveldine/Taylor directed. The film received poorer reviews than its predecessor, but was still a financial success. Asked about a possible third film, Cage said, “It`s possible, but it won`t be with me.” [55] In 2013, Marvel Studios` rights receded,[56] making a third film in the series unlikely. Robbie Reyes` version of the Ghost Rider later appeared in the television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The following July, the studio presented a Ghost Rider panel at Comic-Con International and showed a teaser for the audience. [35] The teaser, which had no finished footage of the film, eventually leaked online. [40] The same month, Majesco Entertainment Company announced its contract with Marvel to acquire the worldwide production rights to the ghost video game Rider for the PS2, PSP and Game Boy Advance consoles. [41] Ghost Rider was founded in the United States on the 16th. It was released commercially in February 2007. The film grossed $15,420,123 on opening day[46] and grossed $45,388,836 on the opening weekend.

The film grossed $52,022,908 over the four-day President`s Day weekend, with an average per theater of $US 14,374 in 3,619 theaters. [47] The film`s total worldwide revenues were $228,738,393, of which $115,802,596 came from North America. [7] Michael Ordoña of the Los Angeles Times[51] and Jeannette Catsoulis of the New York Times[52] expressed disappointment with the film. Ordoña said, “For a rebellious-minded comic, the adaptation seems obediently conventional.”[51] and Catsoulis said Johnny Blaze was “funnier than scary.” [52] Although Eric Alt of the Chicago Tribune praised the film`s computer-generated effects, he also criticized it, calling it a “clumsy and lifeless outing.” [53] Instead of a “bath ace who drinks and smokes” Johnny Blaze, Nicolas Cage decided to give him more depth. .