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More than 280 dedicated, full-time legal writers spend their days creating and maintaining the resources they desire while practicing. You create them in the framework that helps you quickly understand what`s important, why it`s important, and how you should proceed. In sports, it takes a proven game manual and a lot of practice to win. The same applies to legal practice. But there`s a big difference – in the law, the rules are constantly changing and you never know when you`re in uncharted territory. And while traditional legal research ensures you know what the law is and cite the right cases, it doesn`t give you the ideas and advice you need to get through these uncertain times. Then you need legal know-how. While PLC has a unique set of design tools, sample clauses, “what is the market” data, and checklists, it was considered a bit thin to offer “authority.” Comments often lack citations about the underlying authority. Presumably, the TR Alliance will improve their access to the most recent citations and update the tools so that they can more easily improve their editorial analysis. “We have applied what we have learned from nearly three decades of AI activation and adapted our technology specifically to content written by a lawyer in Westlaw Edge to new editorial content exclusive to Practical Law,” said Isabelle Moulinier, vice president and head of AI at Thomson Reuters Labs. “As more and more lawyers work remotely, the trusted advisor in the hallway is no longer always there, and lawyers rely on technology to provide that expertise and find the expert in themselves, backed by AI and data-driven insights.” Thomson Reuters Practical Law is a legal expertise that provides practical advice and wisdom to turn your research into action.

More than 280 experienced lawyers and writers obsessively monitor changes to the law to ensure you have up-to-date resources to ask the questions you should ask and guide you through the process. Practical Law was acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2013. [2] Check out Thomson Reuters` practical law tools and resources that can help your law firm, business or government agency. Unleash the power of practical law with top-notch functions No cost recovery. There are also the interesting implications of TR acquiring a product, for which there is no market for cost recovery. As clients and law firms rely on cost recovery for online research, the acquisition of PLC is an implicit recognition of the fundamental change in the legal information market. When one source of income dries up, another vein must be exploited. With this advanced feature, you can create data visualizations in the form of custom tables and charts using the information and insights from our popular What`s Market feature. Analyze and share market trends and trading conditions in a fraction of the time. Get up-to-date resources for all major practice areas created and maintained by our more than 280 experienced editors. Fischer added, “More than ever, clients expect companies to provide legal services that differ in value and efficiency, and a big takeaway from the past year is that the right technology and access to legal expertise – whether in the office or remotely – is critical to maintaining a legal business.” Our more than 300 full-time editors, who have been leading practitioners in the legal industry, are now dedicated to creating and maintaining resources that will provide you with a starting point for more efficient and accurate work. Having worked in the world`s leading law firms, corporate law departments and government agencies, they are fully equipped to provide you with the advice you need to keep up to date in an ever-changing industry.

Whether it`s navigating an unknown case or understanding changes in the law, our team of experts is here to update you quickly and provide easy-to-understand explanations so you`re always equipped with the information you need to provide world-class service to the organizations you work for. With timelines, flowcharts, tables, decision trees, and problem lists, you can be sure that all phases of a question or problem are being addressed. Intuitive public folder search tool that collects accurate and transparent results about people and is designed for lawyer workflows. Globalization. PLC is deeply rooted in the UK and beyond. Thus, PLC can be a corner that TR can use to gain traction on desktops outside of the United States. Nor can we ignore the fact that this follows TR`s recent alliance with Dutchman Wolters Kluwer. WK is another publisher that owns reputable “office real estate” in Europe. When I first heard about the acquisition of PLC, I immediately saw opportunities to align PLC with Westlaw Business and Dealproof (now called Transactional Drafting Assistant). The West KM product, which is also used in design work that requires a reboot, and then there is WestlawNext, which keeps growing in content and improvements. I don`t believe for a moment that PLC will be a standalone product for a long time.

The acquisition makes little sense if PLC is to be an island in an ocean of content and resources TR. TR, like its competitors, wants to own all facets of a lawyer`s office that they can. However, owning the office requires a deep integration of many current and future products. Take a look at the features of the dynamic practical law toolset here and learn more about practical law here. Practical Law, a division of West Publishing Corporation, is a legal publishing house that provides legal expertise to business lawyers. .